March 30, 2024


Passion, Purpose, and Coffee: The Story behind Focus Coffee's Creation

I've always loved two things: the pursuit of self-improvement and coffee.

Over the past couple of years, I've been building my own businesses from my home office. It's been an incredible experience, but it can also be isolating at times. It got me thinking, there are going to be tonnes of people like me. Either launching their own thing, working from home, or perhaps students. They enjoy the space at home, and 90% of what that freedom brings, but they crave a community to connect with throughout the day.

Working from home offers freedom and flexibility, but it also presents challenges in staying focused, maintaining a productive routine, and nurturing social connections. There were days where I'd go all day without talking to anyone, then my wife would wonder what's up when she got back from work! She was full of energy from interacting with people, and I was not.

So I got thinking... would it be possible to create a global community of people who want to improve and achieve their goals, and help others do the same? Like 'accountability buddies'? The concept is based on the idea that having someone to share progress with and receive support from can increase commitment and drive towards achieving goals, promoting routine and habits.

As I pondered the idea of creating a community of accountability buddies, I realised that morning coffees also provide structure and focus to our daily routines. What if we could combine the two? A brand that appeals to those who want to improve productivity, be part of a supportive community, and enjoy great-tasting coffee. This is how the idea for Focus Coffee was born - a way to bring together individuals who are passionate about personal growth and help them stay motivated and connected while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

Focus Coffee hosts group work sessions as well as self-serve sessions, where you set a goal for yourself. During these sessions, participants use the Pomodoro technique to work towards achieving their chosen goal. The video above is an example of a self-serve 40-minute session available on our YouTube channel.

I've just started and want to take you along. It's a passion project, not my main focus. If it grows, I'll likely get some help and step back.

Launching a coffee brand comes with its own set of challenges. As I've learned in the first couple of months, it's a commoditised business that relies on sourcing high-quality beans at the best possible price to maintain margins. Acquiring customers can be expensive, with the cost per acquisition currently around £20. To stand out in this competitive market, I knew branding would be crucial, which is why I invested £2-3k in securing a premium .com domain.

Other things I’ve learned so far in my journey: always prioritise quality products. For Focus Coffee, that means Fair Trade and Organic, as well as partnering with a good logistics partner with reliable next day shipping. Next, build a strong brand with a compelling story, and finally, it takes a lot of work to establish a strong online presence on social media because there’s a lot of noise and competition out there.

I'm excited to see where this journey with Focus Coffee takes us. Feel free to share your advice, experiences, insights, and goals with me on X. And if you're interested, please subscribe to the newsletter (and buy some wonderful coffee). I'll be including updates on Focus Coffee each week, even if it's just a sentence or two.

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Join 69,000 inspired readers for my weekly newsletter.

Scott Taylor © 2024

Scott Taylor © 2024